Introduction to SPI and SPIdev

Fri 3:00pm-4:30pm

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The SPI, or Serial Peripheral Interface is a protocol developed by Motorola which has become a defacto standard for short distance communication between CPU and peripherals. Although it can be called by several different names, it is a very common bus on embedded devices. This seminar will introduce SPI generally and SPIdev which is a Linux userspace API to write simple SPI drivers without having to write kernel code.


For 2018 we will be using the PocketBeagle.

All the Embedded Apprentice Linux Engineer classes will involve using embedded hardware during the hands-on labs. We will be using the PocketBeagle and a BaconBits cape which are included with the $75 USD registration fee for E-ALE at SCaLE16x and ELC. We will only support doing the labs on the official HW kit; please don't bring your own and try to use that. The HW kits will be delivered to the attendee at the first seminar they choose to attend.

Pocket Beagle and Breadboard

The BaconBits is OSHW and available on github

The Techlab cape has the following capabilities:

• USB Host A

• Reset button

•  I2C accelerometer

•  GPIO Push button

• Power button

Tom King

Tom King

Linux Foundation Instructor, Self-employed@ka6sox

40yrs working in Embedded, 14yrs working with Embedded Linux Build Systems (buildroot and OpenEmbedded/Yocto Project). Instructor for Linux Foundation. Specializes in embedded system for Broadcast Applications.

Stephanie Lockwood-Childs

Stephanie Lockwood-Childs

President / Embedded Linux consultant, VCT Labs, Inc.

Stephanie is co-founder and President of VCT Labs, an Engineering Services company composed largely of long-time Linux enthusiasts. Her own enthusiasm for Linux has led to over 15 years of embedded Linux consulting, including most recently, work on infrared cameras and medical devices. Stephanie has also been involved in the free software community in a variety of roles over the years: LUG president, member of the Gentoo powerpc team, and GSoC mentor for to name a few. So far she has a perfect record of attending every SCaLE conference held thus far, and is looking forward to participating in the embedded track again this year.

VCT Labs, Inc.