E-ALE talk proposals

We have 2 upcoming LF Embedded Linux conferences at which we will be running an E-ALE track (though possibly under a different name, it will be the same format as always).

  • ELC (CFP closes Apr 2)
  • ELCE (CFP closes July 1)

We will be using the LF “Call For Papers”, so we ideally need you all to submit 1-3 proposals for both conferences (or whichever conference you plan to attend) so that we have lots to choose from. This allows you to have more control over your own headshots, bios, and such, and allows for us to more directly integrate into the wider conference.

     You can choose how you want to propose topics:

    1. You may propose your own beginner/apprentice level talk which covers one simple topic which you feel will add to the ALE curriculum and work within the ALE format of 30-45 mins of lecture and the remaining time in the 90 min slot spent on hands-on labs.
    2. You can pick from one or more of the topics below. You can choose to update the existing talk and give it again (please allow the original authors first right of refusal to do so, however)

    We are happy for you to propose the same talk at both conferences. Our attendees typically are new every year so repeating a talk isn’t an issue.

    We’re also happy for people to build upon the work of others. All the material is CC-BY-SA4 in order that everyone may do so. Please acknowledge the people who have come before you in giving the talk.

    We will be using a slightly different HW kit using the TechLab instead of the BaconBits board. The TechLab is mostly a superset of the BaconBits functionality so many things will remain the same. Certainly the TechLab acknowledges that it is a follow-on design to the BaconBits.

    Please Note that the first CFP deadline is Apr 2 for ELC!

    You can make CFP submissions for both conferences here.

    Proposed talks and abstracts

    Proposed talks are still being prepared