Introduction to I2C and I2Cdev

Tue 3:50pm-5:30pm

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I2C was initially invented by Philips as a simple 2-wire low-speed communications interface between CPUs and simple peripherals. Used primarily in embedded systems to connect things like I/O devices, it is now used, under various names, by most IC manufacturers on many System-on-chips. This seminar will introduce I2C and the I2Cdev API which allows you to write I2C drivers from userspace in Linux.

Grant Likely

Grant Likely

Senior Technical Director SW Engineering, Arm

Grant Likely is a Linux kernel engineer working for Arm, Ltd. He is perhaps best know for his work on the Devicetree subsystem used by many embedded Linux systems, and for representing kernel developers on the Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board. At Arm, Grant works on software architecture in the Central Engineering Open Source Software group.

Occasionally he picks up a soldering iron and pretends to be a hardware engineer.