Getting Started with Yocto Project

Tue 2:30pm-3:10pm

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Yocto Project

Introduction to building Linux-based embedded operating systems with the Yocto Project. The tutorial will explore the OpenEmbedded build system, the process of building a root filesystem with the tools, and a demonstration of installing an image on the Pocket Beagle.

Stephano Cetola

Stephano Cetola

TitleEmbedded Software Engineer, Intel Corporation

Stephano Cetola is a Software Engineer at Intel where he contributes to the Yocto Project and TianoCore. His main focus over the past 2 years has been enabling product teams using Yocto to increase their effectiveness while giving back to the Yocto community. Before joining Intel, Stephano worked on a small team of engineers bringing a suite of embedded display modules to market. Throughout his career, he has used his unconventional background and training to create unique if occasionally over-engineered solutions. In his spare time, he enjoys breaking and sometimes building electronics.

Intel Corporation