Building Real-Time Applications for Linux

Tue 3:50pm-5:20pm

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When building real-time applications, it is critical that latency is controlled. On a general purpose operating system such as Linux, there are many things happening “under the hood” that can dramatically affect latencies within applications. However, Linux does provide interfaces to control and monitor the latencies of an application. In this session, John Ogness will cover the various sources of latency, show which APIs a real-time developer can (and should!) use to avoid them, and present mechanisms to verify the controlled latencies of an application.

John Ogness

John Ogness

Software Engineer, Linutronix GmbH

John Ogness studied Computer Science at Utah State University (USA) and has been professionally involved with Linux since 2001. He has been working for the company Linutronix GmbH since 2008. There he specializes in Linux-based board support packages, real-time applications, and training. He is also maintainer of the Minicoredumper project. In the past, he developed software for security applications and autonomous robots.

Linutronix GmbH