Marta Rybczynska has network security background and 15 years of experience in embedded development. She has been working with embedded operating systems like Linux and various real-time ones, system libraries and frameworks up to user interfaces. Her specialties are architecture-specific parts of the Linux kernel.

In the past, Marta has served as Vice-President and treasurer for KDE e.V.
She is currently working at Kalray on datacenter projects. Apart from that she is involved in various Open Source project. She is also contributing kernel-related guests articles for

In addition to the technical work, she is a public speaking trainer and has a leading role (currently Division Director for the South of France) in the Toastmasters organization.

She has experience with presentations on both scientific and free software conferences, including LinuxCon, Akademy and FOSDEM.

ELCE2019Tue11:30am-12:55pmFrom an Idea to a Patch in the Linux Mainline